Our commitment

Code of ethics

Our professional integrity and practices help to promote business ethics, not just within but also beyond our sector. We are the corresponding firm in Greece for TRACE (Transparent Agents and Contracting Agencies), a non-profit association providing anti-bribery support.

Clients Data Protection Policy

Anti-bribery & anti-corruption policy


Applicable Law & Jurisdiction


Our commitment to the community manifests itself in our support to children in need, as well as the promotion of education and access to art and culture.

Environmental sustainability

Our concern for the environment has underlined all our activities long before it became fashionable to do so. We not only manage our footprint by adopting environment-friendly policies but also promote environmental awareness.

Inclusion and diversity

Our workplace is a vibrant example of diversity. We’ve created a working environment that values the knowledge, experiences and talents of all individuals in our firm. We also promote non-discriminatory practices that advance equal treatment and opportunity for everyone. And we encourage meaningful participation by a broad cross-section of people in our firm.