Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

We advise on legal issues pertaining to the production and commercialization of food and food supplements in Greece and closely follow the developments of both the EU regulations and their local implementation. We regularly advise and have important expertise on issues of labelling, allowed ingredients, quality, permitted advertising claims and all matters examined by the National Chemical Laboratory. We closely monitor all related regulatory developments and have extensive experience in handling litigation against decisions of the National Chemical Laboratory, National Pharmaceuticals Organisation (EOF) and other relevant authorities. As part of our advice to our food industry clients, we have advised in relation to food labelling, labelling of beverages, food content, permitted claims on foods, permitted ingredients in food and dietary supplements, EU labelling requirements regarding genetically modified foods etc. 

One of our partners has been seconded for 8 months as in-house counsel at Mondelez (ex-Kraft) group of companies in Greece advising on all regulatory, commercial, consumer, marketing, advertising, promotional and other legal issues relating to foods.

We defend on a regular basis the company representatives of several food producers, major retail and wholesale super market chains before the Criminal Courts on violations of health and safety matters as well as market regulations. We handle the cases of the administrative fines imposed on the above companies for the same violations of Market Regulations. Market Regulations are a set or rules regulating the sale of a wide variety of items, prominently among them food and beverage products. The violation of these rules carries criminal liability and triggers substantial administrative fines.

By way of example we have advised:

  • Mondelez (Kraft) on a multitude of legal issues including regulatory, consumer, marketing, and other legal issues relating to foods (ongoing)
  • Mondelez (Kraft) on litigation in relation to market regulations (ongoing)
  • Herbalife on a wide array of legal issues relating to food supplement legislation and licensing issues as well as commercial and contractual issues regarding their operation in Greece (ongoing)
  • Premier Capital, the operator of the majority of the McDonalds restaurants in Greece on a wide array of legal issues including on food safety regulations and labelling requirements as well as commercial and operational issues (ongoing)
  • Makro AE, a subsidiary of the Metro group, on issues related to the applicability of the hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) as well as on Market regulations and related litigation
  • A leading supermarket chain on a wide array of legal issues including Market regulations and related litigation
  • Cadbury Schweppes on a multitude of legal issues including Market regulations
  • US food supplements retailer regarding setting up a distribution channel in Greece
  • Chiquita Brands on a variety of legal issues including IP rights
  • Arla Foods on the restructuring of their distribution network in Greece and on the protection of the trademarks and distinctive signs of the company
  • Newrest Group Holding, a legal entity specializing in inflight catering services, in relation to a variety of matters, including food & beverage regulatory licenses and compliance obligations towards supervisory authorities and the Athens International Airport
  • The Greek Brewers’ Association on the imposition of a municipal tax on beer in violation of EU legislation
  • Mythos Brewery, with respect to a complaint to the EU Commission regarding the imposition of a municipal tax on beer.
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