Media & Entertainment

Media & Entertainment

Media and Entertainment is an area in which we have extensive experience. We have advised companies operating television and radio stations with respect to licensing requirements, regulation compliance, commercial and tax issues.

We have advised both free and pay TV stations as well as radio stations on a variety of legal issues including applications for licensing, advertising agreements, advertising regulations, programming and intellectual property rights, and matters relating to the restructuring of media company activities. We also provide advice to telecommunications operators newly entering the market as providers of audio-visual material to consumers. 

We advise foreign program producers and holders of programming rights on Greek statutory requirements and on their relations with Greek TV stations, agents and distributors. We regularly advise commercial companies on issues regarding their relationship with their advertising agencies and the content of their advertisements and publications in the media. Respectively, we have assisted advertising agencies regarding regulatory matters and the compliance of their work with the Greek legal framework. In addition, we have experience in movie and television productions, such as agreements with producers and directors, as well as distributors of films and other similar productions.

Our experience in media and commercial law was the primary reason our firm was selected by the Organising Committee for the Olympic Games - Athens 2004 to advise on the selection of the broadcaster of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. We monitored the relevant tender, drafted and negotiated the contracts for the broadcasting of the Games and the operation of the International Broadcasting Centre, and provided advice on a full array of legal and tax issues.

Our firm has advised:

  • the Greek television channel Alpha TV, while controlled by a reputable German media group, on a variety of legal and tax issues regarding the operation of television stations in Greece, relations with advertising agencies, advertising framework and a wide array of corporate, competition and litigation issues. Indicatively, we advised the channel on legal actions on the fees for the use of radio frequencies by selecting appropriate remedy for the annulment of a ministerial decision by addressing complex legal, administrative and judicial issues
  • a multinational sports marketing company on quiz (all-in) shoes regarding lucky games via tv or other media
  • Eurosport regarding sporting events of major importance and broadcasting conditions for Olympic games in Greece, free broadcasting, sub-licence of broadcasting rights
  • Pearson regarding cease and desist letters for Greek articles/publications  infringing FT’s copyright
  • Thomson Reuters on their Master agreement
  • 20th Century Fox on DPA data protection issues
  • Universal Music on several local legal and tax issues
  • Athens Concert Hall (Megaron Mousikis) on various tax and litigation issues Universal Music and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on a variety of legal & tax issues pertaining to their activities in Greece
  • Endemol on regulation compliance for the production and transmission of specific programs in Greece
  • Comcast on the launch of "E!" TV station in Greece
  • Supponor with respect to virtual advertising in Greece
  • Walt Disney and Fox Kids Entertainment in relation to their activities in Greece
  • On Demand with respect to carriage agreement with local broadcasting companies of the telecommunications sector (such as Samsung and OTE)
  • European Broadcasting Union (EBU) on licensing of rights and royalties issues with Greek TV station
  • Al Jazeera International regarding on the establishment of their Greek branch
  • Geo Young & Rubicam with respect to media agreements and contracts with clients and suppliers
  • Scandinavian Broadcasting Systems (SBS) in relation to the acquisition of a Greek radio station, the structuring of its activities, regulatory compliance and regular activities of its radio station.
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