Katerina Vagia speaks in Greek Company Association conference on Automatic Exchange of Information in the field of taxation

Katerina Vagia, tax senior associate, spoke in a conference organised by the Greek Company Association on 14 June. Katerina focused on the framework of transparency in the field of taxation, concerning corporate taxpayers. Reporting of cross-border arrangements, exchange of cross-border rulings and advance pricing arrangements, as well as CbC reporting, were items that Katerina touched upon. She also briefly presented recent developments on the taxation of the digital economy, referring to the two Directive proposed by the EU Commission. 

Bringing up Tax Rulings in State-Aid at the 2nd Scientific Conference on "Competition Law"

Daphne Cozonis, partner with our Tax Practice, has spoken on tax rulings as State-Aid at the 2nd Scientific Conference on "Competition Law" organised by leading business and law publisher “Nomiki Bibliothiki”. The thematic coverage of the conference was multidisciplinary as the four-panel subjects covered Horizontal Cartels, Vertical restrictions and Abuse of dominant position (Antitrust), Merger control and State Aid. 

Costas Kallideris comments on scope of tax evasion rules in Greece

The Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) interviewed Costas Kallideris on the scope of application of tax evasion rules and current tax audit practice in Greece. Costas Kallideris’ interview, which has been published in the Federation’s November 2017 Bulletin, comes as an introduction to the new edition of his book on BoD member liabilities from corporate tax assessments. The book is expected to be released by the end of the year.

Tax administration endorses ZEYA proposals regarding VAT rules on sale of electronic goods

Our VAT team has held consultations and submitted proposals to the tax administration concerning the implementation of the new VAT rules concerning local sales of electronic goods (mobile phones, laptops, tablets, game consoles). Our proposals were incorporated in circular POL 1150/2017 issued by the Public Revenue Independent Authority.


Leading lawyer: Alex Karopoulos


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