Tax Litigation

Successful appeal against Euro 4M airline extraordinary contribution

Our tax litigation team has successfully challenged before the Court of Appeals the legality of assessing the extraordinary contribution on profits of enterprises (that was introduced for years 2008 and 2009) on an international airline company that has a tax exempt status. In the background of unfavourable previous case law on this matter, our team achieved the annulment that amounted to EUR 4M, establishing that the respective right of the tax authorities to proceed with the assessment had been prescribed.

Successful resolution of cash pooling stamp tax dispute

Our tax litigation team has successfully challenged before the Court of Appeals a stamp tax assessment of EUR 633k concerning deposits made by a Greek subsidiary of a multinational group in the context of cash pooling arrangements. Despite the consistently negative case law concerning stamp tax assessments, our team achieved the annulment of the assessment, legally establishing that the obligations from cash pooling schemes are not executed in Greece, as per the territoriality rule of the stamp tax legislation.

Successful dispute resolution on tax assessment

Our tax litigation team successfully represented a leading company in the oil and gas industry in a €1.21 M tax dispute concerning income tax assessed on capital gains from the transfer of a plant. Our tax litigation team managed to achieve a favourable decision by successfully arguing that the company had correctly re-adjusted the book value of said plant back in 1992, in line with rules on real estate property valuations applicable at that time (Law 2065/1992).

Leading lawyer: Spyros Maratos

​Successful tax dispute resolution on tax deductibility of interest

Our tax litigation team successfully represented the Greek subsidiary of a leading multinational food market chain in a €2.5Μ tax dispute. The dispute concerned the income tax deductibility of interest paid on preferred shares. Contrary to the position of the tax administration that interest on preferred shares should be treated as non-tax deductible dividend, the Court endorsed the position of the taxpayer, confirming the tax deductibility of the payment.  

Successful court dispute over tax refund claim

Our tax litigation team successfully represented a leading company in the oil and gas industry in a €6.84M tax dispute concerning the recovery of the amount of tax corresponding to tax-free reserves created according to the provisions of tax incentive Law 3220/2004. The tax benefit was initially considered as unlawful state aid following the EU Commission’s order to the Greek State to recover the aid.


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