Mary Deligianni discusses “Big data & Artificial Intelligence: EU legislative initiatives” at PrivacyConnect webinar

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Mary Deligianni

Mary Deligianni




Big data is at the center of digital transformation, including Artificial Intelligence. But how can we make full use of this data, which in most cases is protected by the GDPR, without violating the EU legislation? Which are the tensions between data protection and AI? And how these concerns should be tackled on an EU level?

On 24 February, Mary Deligiannni, head of our Data Protection & Cybersecurity practice, will be speaking at a webinar organised by Privacy Connect on “Big data & Artificial Intelligence: EU legislative initiatives”. In this session, she will discuss the strategy of the EC on data and the balancing exercise between fostering innovation and protecting EU citizens’ fundamental human rights and she will examine the proposals of the European Commission on the introduction of a data governance act and on a regulation governing the use of AI, as well as their interplay with the GDPR.