• 10 JANUARY 2017

Zepos & Yannopoulos contributes to the Cloud Privacy Check (CPC) and the Data Protection Compliance (DPC) database

Contact Person

Mary Deligianni

Mary Deligianni




The Cloud Privacy Check (CPC) is the largest European information platform whose aim is to provide guidance on the data protection issues arising from the use of cloud services. The CPC, which can be freely accessed at www.cloudprivacycheck.eu, is a practical tool addressed to both cloud customers and cloud providers and explains in a simple way the steps that should be followed, so that all parties involved in cloud activities may ensure that such activities are conducted in line with the European data protection laws. 

Additionally, Zepos & Yannopoulos contributed to the Data Protection Compliance (DPC) database, which can be found at www.dataprivacycompliance.eu and provides highly relevant legal information for 32 countries that can easily be compared with each other. 

Leading lawyers: Takis Kakouris and Mary Deligianni.

For further information please visit the following link.