Restructuring/ Insolvency

Restructuring/ Insolvency

The global recession has proved challenging for many companies leaving them with shrinking asset values and heavy debt burdens. This combined with the Eurozone crisis and the recent developments in Greece’s financial situation made restructuring and insolvency cases more and more common and finally a well-established core practice area for Zepos & Yannopoulos. Our restructuring and insolvency team comprises experienced lawyers who operate with an in-depth knowledge of the local legal, regulatory and commercial environment within which they work. 

We are involved in many insolvency and reorganization cases, and we advise our clients on setting up viable claim recovery strategies vis-a-vis their ailing debtors, lying in the vicinity of insolvency.  

In the context of pre-insolvency claim recovery, we are often involved in so-called “rehabilitation” procedures under Article 99 of the Greek Bankruptcy Code. We structure petitions for the initiation of such procedures and we represent clients before courts adjudicating under Article 99.

Our advisory work covers cutting-edge and novel insolvency law matters, such as set-off in the context of complex financial structures, consequences of insolvency in ISDA arrangements and, finally, personal liability of members of the administration of ailing entities. 

We have been drafting the Doing Business Section of the “Resolving Insolvency Survey for Greece” conducted by the World Bank since 2014.

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