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Capital Controls in Greece - Banks and Athens Exchange closed throughout Bank Holiday

By virtue of an emergency Legislative Act, the Greek Government has imposed a bank-holiday effective as of June 28th until July 6th, as well as a capital controls regime in most banking transactions.

The bank holiday shall be applicable to all credit institutions operating in Greece, including branches of foreign credit institutions, payment and electronic money institutions. During the bank holiday, all of the above credit institutions shall remain closed to the public. The following transactions may be effected during the bank-holiday:

Zepos & Yannopoulos contributes in personal insolvency law reform

Our firm conducted a gap analysis study on the legal and regulatory framework re: private debt in Greece compared to that of France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Germany. The study was commissioned by the Structural Reforms Support Service (SRSS) of the European Commission to support efforts of the Special Secretariat for Private Debt Management (ΕΓΔΙΧ) of the Ministry of Finance in reshaping the Greek legal framework on insolvency of individuals and households.

ZEYA discusses trends and developments in the Greek securitisation market in the 2019 Chambers Securitisation Guide

Zepos & Yannopoulos discusses trends and developments in the Greek securitisation market in the 2019 Chambers Securitisation Guide, a comparative guide on securitisation including insights from top ranked lawyers around the world. 

Contributing authors: Christina Papanikolopoulou and Kely Pesketzi 

The full report can be downloaded here


Investing in Greek Banking Loans; Zepos and Yannopoulos contribution to the Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation (Issue 7/2016)

An article discussing a comparative approach of Greek law structures for investments in performing and non-performing banking loan portfolios amidst intense market discussions on potential investment opportunities in this field; the article presents the core legal texts providing for loan portfolio sale schemes as on May 2016, and compares the approach adopted by said texts on claw-back, enforcement and tax matters.


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