Zepos & Yannopoulos contributes to the Country Commerce Guide of the Economist

Country Commerce is a practical guide to a country’s business regulations and business practices, issued on an annual basis by the Intelligence Unit of Economist, covering 56 countries’ rules on permits, intellectual property, e-commerce, taxes, labour, and financing regulations. ZEYA’s contribution refers to specific topics of corporate/commercial nature addressed in the Country Commerce Greece (Edition: December 2018), the annual practical guide to the business regulations and business practices in Greece. 

Proposed Amendments Regarding Commercial Leases

Amendment/Addition to bill for changes in the framework of commercial leases

By an amendment submitted by the Greek Government a few days ago to the Greek Parliament, considerable changes are introduced in the legal framework governing commercial leases and Presidential Decree 34/1995 (“P.D.”) is amended accordingly.

In particular, and subject to said amendment being voted as introduced:

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